Ten of Spades

Ten of Spades – Bokor

Bokor, a Voodoo sorcerer that practices both light and dark magic with the creaton of zombies and ouangas, talismans to house spirits in. Course, you didn’t believe in any of that before all of this, right? Well I’ll ease your concerns a little. The Ten of Spades, Bokor, doesn’t create zombies, that’s another Card. No, Bokor lets you control people.

See, its one of those Protector Palm Pistols, easy to hide, quiet, and discreet. Just have to place a shot into whomever you want to control and Bokor takes care of the rest. No wound, no memory. They follow your every command.

The effect isn’t permanent though, after a fortnight, they die of lead poisoning. Some folk die quicker than others, but right up until their deaths they don’t show any sign of anything being wrong.

Not that you’re likely to ever see it but if you do, its a Protector Palm Pistol, little round bodied thing with a thin barrel between two finger rests. Its got a Spade emblazoned on the side with ten eyes on it. Every time Bokor takes control, an eye closes. When the puppets die, an eye opens.


Ten of Spades

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