Ten of Hearts

Ten of Hearts – Snake Oil

You ever been sold Snake Oil by one of those Chinese immigrants? A cure-all for joint ache, headaches, psoriasis, bad breath, dandruff, etcetera, etcetera. The Natives have their own panacea that they swear blind by but it doesn’t really work.

Truth is; there is no cure all, no divine flower that’ll heal all your ailings. But there are things out there that’re very good at curing specific things. Snake oil works wonders for joint ache, cocaine is great for throat and toothache, and arsenic’ll clear up French pox like no one’ business.

Then there’s this. I call her Snake Oil as that was my profession before all of this. No doubt you’ve heard the rumours of folks drowning in the desert, people turning to stone, and that nasty business of the walking dead down California way? Well Snake Oil is the panacea to the weird and wonderful.

One nick of my little scalpel and the undead fall back to sempiternal slumber, the statues awake, albeit usually a little groggy and lost, and I’m sure it can cure most other supernatural ailments.

I always know which scalpel it is due to the little white Heart and the red X going through it. Well, that and the ivory handle really sets it apart from the other, more sterile ones.

Ten of Hearts

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