Nine of Clubs

Nine of Clubs – Ravine

Boy, sure is gonna take a lot to clean up after that one. Watch your step there, gets pretty tight bout knee deep.

It was a Card, no doubt about that, the land don’t crack like that normally; most likely Ravine. I’ve been tracking its trail of destruction for months. Each scene the same; dead bodies trapped in rifts in the earth, and buildings cracked in half, all collapsed in on themselves.

Saw it in action once, I’d caught up with the berdache that held it. Might be weird to say, but I was stunned when I saw him, he was the prettiest young woman I’d ever seen. Next thing I know a shot passes by me and the ground starts cracking between me and him. I leapt to the side, but he was gone by the time I got back up.

Got a good look at it though, forty years of carrot sticks’ll gives you quite the eye. It was a Spencer Rifle, except the wood was still alive, with little growths on it like the trees down in the woods, and the barrel looked like stone. The hammer was made of black onyx by the looks of it, black onyx with a silver nine surrounded by the outline of a Club.

Watch your step.

Nine of Clubs

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