Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds – Changeling

It was back at Fort Judgement, back when it was in Yankee control. Had this fella who was always on watch, seemed to enjoy the night. Bloody suicidal at the time. See, Confederate soldiers were fightin’ tooth and nail for Fort Judgement and the poor boys and girls on the walls were only ever given rifles. In the daylight, it was a good weapon to have, but on the overcast nights we got out there, you wished for something close ranged.

This fella though, he always seemed to have the right gun on him. Folks rumoured that he was friends with the master of arms. I knew different though, seein’ as I was the master of arms. I though, maybe he’s been stealin’ guns but nothin’ was missing.

One night I thought I’d take a look up on the wall, keep an eye on him just in case. When all of a sudden, a damn Confederate comes clambering over the wall. The fella sees him and fires off a shot, but misses and the other guy gets up onto the tower. He ducks behind a box and the fella doesn’t even hesitate, just fires. This is the weird part. Instead of a rifle shot, damn thing goes off like a shotgun. He fires again and again until nothing was left but a mess of wood and dead Confederate.

Then, he just shakes his hand a little and his rifle turned back to normal. Seen him do it with all types of weapons. Pistols, revolvers, shotguns, long rifles. Turned into a machete once.

Asked him about it before he left Fort Judgement and he told me it was his “magic ring”, a weird little trinket he got from a fella on a boat when he came over from Dublin. Said it let him change whatever he was holdin’ into the weapon he needed. That it was his little Changeling.

Years later I discovered the Cards and it all fit. The ruby ring with a Diamond etched into the surface. It was a Card, a good one at that.

Jack of Diamonds

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