Four of Spades

Four of Spades – Dracula

The Dreyse Needle Gun was a revolutionary rifle used by the Prussians, Romanians and even the Japanese. The rifle is an artefact by now, only able to fire ten rounds or so in a minute which was a major selling point in its day. Nowadays they sit above fireplaces or in museums.


However there is one that still makes its rounds of the States. Its silver barrelled with a handle of petrified wood and several bands of platinum. Its called Dracula and has a terrible power. Each bullet it places in someone heals the marksman. If it kills someone, it saves them from even the most fatal wounds.

It’s said that it jams up real bad on sacred ground though.

Oh and don’t ever try grab the front, it burns like the fires of hell and’ll sear your skin off your bones.

Four of Spades

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