Eight of Clubs

Eight of Clubs – Persistence

I’ve always thought humans were interestin’ creatures. Take our early ancestors for example. We ain’t that fast compared to some animals, just look at deer and dogs. We ain’t always had guns, so birds were out of reach unless you could hurl a rock just right. Heck, we weren’t even strong enough to go toe to toe with a wolf without riskin’ dyin’ over it. Heck, if we weren’t stubborn, we wouldn’t be here. See, our early ancestors would just up and follow a herd of beasts for days, weeks even, until they started keelin’ over.

Persistence is what you need in this world. When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin! Keep that in mind out there, its helped me out of a fair few tight spots.

The natives still use spears like these you know, keeps them humble and skilled. Somethin’ most folks have forgotten. Sure, a bastard with a gun can shoot you dead before you ever got near with one of these things, but there’s a certain honour in knowing the ins an’ outs of it.


You might’ve already guessed but this one’s special. Persistence its called and much like our ancestors its stubborn as a rock. While you’ve got it, you’ll never tire, you’ll never thirst, you’ll never sleep.

The feathers are the clue, eight black feathers along its length and the Club symbol on the spear head. Don’t worry about breaking it either, you can’t. A trait the Cards all share is their indestructibility.

Eight of Clubs

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